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A Name of a Dog

InformationPosted by D.H. Tue, April 17, 2018 11:42:07

It is a long time ago, that I wrote some news in my Blog of the Kurt Vonnegut Tour in Dresden.

I have now a nice story.

I had a nice Tour with guests from Australia, they are not read "Slaughterhouse 5" before and one guest from US.

His name is David.

We had a great critical tour together.

Just in this moment, where we met us, told me David, that he had a little Dog at home.

He died in 2016 after a life of 16 years. On the end he was 84 years in human years old.

Davis told me, he had a power full charackter.

I ask him, how was his name? and David answer very dry: "Kurt Vonnegut"!!!

I ask him again, only "Kurt" or "Kurt Vonnegut"?

David answer me: "Yes, "Kurt Vonnegut" was is full name!"

He send it me a foto of his dog.

Here is Kurt - "Kurt Vonnegut"

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