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NewsPosted by D.H. Sat, February 21, 2015 18:01:13
In the Military Historic Museum in Dresden you will find a temporary Exhibition about Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
This Exhibition called "Schlachthof 5 - Dresdens Zerstörung in literarischen Zeugnissen" - "Slaughterhouse 5 - Dresden's destruction in literary evidence ".
It is a collection of evidence from E. Käster , G.Richter, R.Mauersberger to K.Vonnegut Jr..
You can read, how they recall the time of war.
I met Malte Vonnegut last year, he is a member of the Vonnegut Clan in Germany and he study teacher.

I invidet him to this exhibition, but he had no time.
But he send me a present, a photo from the"Playboy" magazine.

I present this small gift from him here....

I wished, that to this exhibition would get more details about Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
But it is not...

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