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Kurt Vonnegut Tour Dresden

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InformationPosted by D.H. Wed, February 12, 2014 14:29:38
Yes, tonight I will meet the Students of the Ball State University in the Dresdens Public Library.

I got this information not from the local Dresden tourist board or some other official persons in Dresden, no I got this information from a request of an american journalist - Lori Herber.

She sent me a couple of days before a mail and I could answer of this questions.
She informed me, that this students with Mrs. Peterson will visit Dresden

I was very pleased, but I was also not surprised by the communication in our city.

Now, I got a mail from Lori Herber today, with a story about this exhibition.

It will be intersting for me, to get learn more bout K.Vonnegut Jr. and maybe I have soem answers of one or two open questions.

Read the full story here - from Lori Herber , Journalist from the Deutsche Welle.

Take care and visit the public Library of Dresden at the Freiberger Strasse.

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