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InformationPosted by D.H. Fri, February 07, 2014 11:57:12
"Live is Live - na na na nana..." Do you know this song from "OPUS"?
In my study time , we sang this song, if we was drunk.
Right now, is this for me a situation, if you lost or miss something.

Couple of days ago I got a request from a German Journalist. He ask me, if is possible to do the Kurt Vonnegut Tour. He wrote me, that he is on a journey to Dresden with an author - Jonathan Lethem.
Cool, yes, our start time is 11:00. Later is it not possible, I have other liabilities.
On this day, I had a tour with an American too, but not Mr. Lethem.
He and Mr. David arrived later in Dresden, and I could not meet them.

Ok - I thank, "doesn't matter" - but now, I must say - it is a pity - that I not meet Mr. Lethem and T.David.
Now I found in the Feuilleton of the FAZ a story about this Journey.

"Live is Live" - na na nanana..."

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