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A Name of a Dog

InformationPosted by D.H. Tue, April 17, 2018 11:42:07

It is a long time ago, that I wrote some news in my Blog of the Kurt Vonnegut Tour in Dresden.

I have now a nice story.

I had a nice Tour with guests from Australia, they are not read "Slaughterhouse 5" before and one guest from US.

His name is David.

We had a great critical tour together.

Just in this moment, where we met us, told me David, that he had a little Dog at home.

He died in 2016 after a life of 16 years. On the end he was 84 years in human years old.

Davis told me, he had a power full charackter.

I ask him, how was his name? and David answer very dry: "Kurt Vonnegut"!!!

I ask him again, only "Kurt" or "Kurt Vonnegut"?

David answer me: "Yes, "Kurt Vonnegut" was is full name!"

He send it me a foto of his dog.

Here is Kurt - "Kurt Vonnegut"

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New Edition

InformationPosted by D.H. Tue, June 09, 2015 11:48:53
It was a warm pre summer day in Dresden.

I meet Ron and his wife from UK and Ondrey from Czech Republic.
On the meeting point at the Theaterplatz shows me Ondrey one book.

It was the Czech edition of "Slaughterhouse 5" from K.Vonnegut, translated 1970.

Before we enter the basement of this area, made Ron this photo with the editions of books.
In this time was prepared a big event in the "Slaughterhouse" - the Convention Center of Dresden.

If I told my guests the short story about the POWs, how there are protected the food after the air raid of Dresden as this building stand in flame, smelled it in this moment after cocked meet.

How must feel peoples in war, they are hungry and angry, if there smell coked meet?
Now, we could understand this together.

Three Editions

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InformationPosted by D.H. Sun, March 01, 2015 14:05:34
I like it, if I have some guests book my tour in memory of Kurt Vonnegut Jr. they are 100% a fan from him.

In November 2014 I had a tour with a family from USA.
Anna, the daughter of this family is a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

He send me a picture of here tattoo.

It is here on her leg.

Now I can present it on this blog.

Thank you Anna!

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Do you know...?

InformationPosted by D.H. Sun, March 01, 2015 13:55:37
Yesterday I had a Kurt Vonnegut Tour with a lady from Californien and here daughter and a couple from England.

We take the tram return to the city of Dresden and I ask the Lady.
"Do you know Ramsey Clark?"
She answer... "Who" Ramsey Clark?"
I answer "Yes"
"Oh I got to know him in the University. he spoke to us 45 min. It was terrible to listened, but what he told us was very interesting."

I meet Ramsey 2012 in Dresden. He and some friends booked my tour.
Now I can say, how small is the world and intersting!

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InformationPosted by D.H. Sat, February 21, 2015 18:13:08
I had on the 13.02.2015 a nice tour with some guests from GB and Irland.

Roger and Sue visited Dresden with friends ands Wife.
Both hat birthday at the 13.02. and Roger was born 1945 in Coventry - Partnertown of Dresden since 1959.

He was intersted to book the Kurt Vonnegut Tour and to listend my versions. He red the book long times ago. After the tour, the guests was all fascinated .

He send me also some pictures of this tour, and one I will present it here.

Roger and Sue in front of the door to the cellar of the Ex-Slaughterhouse 5.

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Vonnegut Diagram

InformationPosted by D.H. Wed, February 19, 2014 00:55:14

I got from my ex-girlfriend today a link about Kurt Vonnegut. You can see,also parts of my personal surrounding helps me, to develop my work as a tour guide.

It is a work from an american student. It was a part of his Master’s Thesis. The Chicago University rejected this.
This student was Kurt Vonnegut Jr. .

Since a short time, you will find Diagrams of minds or interpretations from unique persons, like also Michael Jackson.

Here is now this importent link to this intersting visual work.

Maybe you should print this, before is it ban it.

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InformationPosted by D.H. Sat, February 15, 2014 00:36:25
Last year, June 2013, visited Dresden a school class of the Kantonsschule Stadelhofen Dresden.

They had a contract, to explore the town.

The idea was, to create a Magazine of this journey of Dresden.

They also booked the Kurt Vonnegut Tour.

Today, I got with the post the result of this work.
It is a great Magazine, what the students produced incl. an audio impression.

There is a story about my tour, the visit of the Semperoper and many more.

Thank you very much for this unique Magazin.

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InformationPosted by D.H. Wed, February 12, 2014 14:29:38
Yes, tonight I will meet the Students of the Ball State University in the Dresdens Public Library.

I got this information not from the local Dresden tourist board or some other official persons in Dresden, no I got this information from a request of an american journalist - Lori Herber.

She sent me a couple of days before a mail and I could answer of this questions.
She informed me, that this students with Mrs. Peterson will visit Dresden

I was very pleased, but I was also not surprised by the communication in our city.

Now, I got a mail from Lori Herber today, with a story about this exhibition.

It will be intersting for me, to get learn more bout K.Vonnegut Jr. and maybe I have soem answers of one or two open questions.

Read the full story here - from Lori Herber , Journalist from the Deutsche Welle.

Take care and visit the public Library of Dresden at the Freiberger Strasse.

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Sometimes it does not work

InformationPosted by D.H. Fri, February 07, 2014 11:57:12
"Live is Live - na na na nana..." Do you know this song from "OPUS"?
In my study time , we sang this song, if we was drunk.
Right now, is this for me a situation, if you lost or miss something.

Couple of days ago I got a request from a German Journalist. He ask me, if is possible to do the Kurt Vonnegut Tour. He wrote me, that he is on a journey to Dresden with an author - Jonathan Lethem.
Cool, yes, our start time is 11:00. Later is it not possible, I have other liabilities.
On this day, I had a tour with an American too, but not Mr. Lethem.
He and Mr. David arrived later in Dresden, and I could not meet them.

Ok - I thank, "doesn't matter" - but now, I must say - it is a pity - that I not meet Mr. Lethem and T.David.
Now I found in the Feuilleton of the FAZ a story about this Journey.

"Live is Live" - na na nanana..."

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InformationPosted by D.H. Wed, February 05, 2014 00:41:27
Obwohl ich viel über Kurt Vonnegut Jr. recherchiere erhalte ich doch sehr interessante Informationen über dritte.

Heute erfuhr ich, dass in Dresden am 13.02.2014 eine temporäre Ausstellung über Kurt Vonnegut Jr. gezeigt wird. Sie wird initiiert von Studenten der Ball State University in Munice / Indiana.
Diese Ausstellung ist eine mobile Ausstellung und wird in der Dresdner Städtischen Bibliothek an der Freiberger Strasse präsentiert.
Vorbereitend findet an der Universität in Münster im Lehrbereich "Amercian Studys"ein Workshop statt.
Die Reise der Studenten führt durch Deutschland, neben Münster, Dresden stehen Berlin mit auf dem Programm.

Wir können alle gespannt sein und freue mich darauf.

Public Libary Dresden with Dr. Peterson from the Ball State University

A part of this mobile exhibition

Three students and Dr. Peterson in front of her work

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